1. Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Downtown Property and/or Business Owners located within the boundaries of the downtown Municipal Service District (MSD) are eligible to apply for the BDC Small Grants Program.

2. Who is not eligible to apply?

Businesses that will not operate or physically be located within downtown Burlington’s MSD.

3. How much grant money is available?

The City of Burlington allocates $75,000 the BDC each fiscal year for the Small Grants Program.

4. How are the grants funded?

This Small Grants Program is supported by funds from the City of Burlington General Fund and the Downtown Burlington Municipal Service District tax funds.

5. How big are the grants to businesses?

Grant applicants eligible to apply for Business Development grant programs may be awarded up to $15,000.

6. How big are the grants to property owners?

Grant applicants eligible to apply for Property Development grant programs may be awarded up to $25,000.

7. Who determines whether I get a grant?

Grants will be awarded for eligible projects on a funds-available basis and at the discretion of the Burlington Downtown Corporation Board of Directors based on recommendations from the Grants Review Committee.

8. If I am not awarded a grant, can I challenge the decision?

We welcome your feedback and thoughts, however all grant decisions from the BDC Board of Directors are final. If you are not awarded a grant, we encourage you to reapply at another time.

9. Who do I talk to about the grant decision of my application?

You may contact the BDC grant program manager by sending an email to grants@burlingtondowntown.com.

10. What is an “existing” business?

An existing business is one that is at least one year old at the time of completing a grant request application.

11. What is a “new” business?

A new business is one that is less than a year old.

12. Who should I contact with technical difficulties submitting my application?

Email grants@burlingtondowntown.com

13. How often are grant requests reviewed by the BDC Grants Review Committee?

Grant applications will be reviewed quarterly by the Grant Review Committee (January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15).

14. Is there a deadline for submitting my grant application?

Yes. Grant applications must be submitted within each quarter to by 11:59 p.m. on January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. Applications received after 12:00 p.m. on these dates will be held until the next quarterly grant review.

15. How many times can a business/property owner receive a grant?

Businesses/property owners are limited to one grant a year. Preference will be given to new applicants over those who have previously been awarded a grant.

16. I applied for a grant in the past and did not win. Am I eligible to apply again?

Yes. Previous applicants that were not awarded a grant are encouraged to reapply. However, a second submission does not guarantee a grant award. Each submission is reviewed independently of previous submissions.

17. Is the information and data within my application held private?

Yes. Individual applicant information and data will not be shared beyond the purposes of review during the award selection process and providing business support. Applicant data will not be sold. Aggregated applicant data may be reported for evaluation and knowledge-sharing purposes.

DISCLAIMER The information contained herein is subject to the actual grant award documents and the written terms and conditions of the Small Grants Program which may be amended from time to time. The BDC Grant Review Committee also reserves the right to make the final determination of any person’s or organization’s eligibility and/or qualifications for program benefits, and to make allocation of program benefits as it may, in sole discretion deem appropriate.